It’s common for hiring managers to be faced with a litany of unqualified candidates who apply for positions without first reading the requirements. The issue is that hiring managers must carefully weed out candidates without discriminating against them. When this is the case, a bit of screening using interview questions can be the solution.

Here are some interview questions that can help eliminate bad or unqualified candidates.

Tell me why you applied for this particular job?

The candidate may be sincerely hoping for an opportunity to work for your company, and if this is the case, he or she may be a good fit for another job in your company. If the candidate is just desperate for a job, any job, it will be apparent from the answer given.

What is your ideal career?

Try to get a feel for the candidate, where he or she wants to head in a career. There could be a potential match here if the candidate expresses a deep interest in your industry. The candidate may also not have a clue about your company or the type of industry it operates within.

Can you talk about a time you went the extra mile?

An interview question like this can highlight what motivates the candidate. Their answer may surprise you, meaning there could be a possibility of creating a job for this person. Or, they may not have any clear examples to share, which indicates they are half-heartedly trying to get work.

Would you be willing to work as a temporary employee?

Candidates who are worth the effort will be willing to do whatever it takes to get their foot in the door. If the candidate is enthusiastic and flexible enough to work as a temp to perm, he or she may be able to prove that they have what it takes. If not, or the candidate hesitates or refuses this type of arrangement, they may lack the commitment needed to make your organization grow and flourish.

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