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The first of the year signals the time when many managers will begin conducting employee performance reviews. It’s nerve wracking at best. But you can embrace this time and shine by preparing in advance your list of major accomplishments. What do we mean exactly?

Let’s talk about how to start gathering up all the great things you’ve done this year, and hopefully get you a positive review (and a pay raise?).

Think back to last month, what stood out to you?

Chances are, you may have had some achievements in the last few weeks that you didn’t take much note of. Things like being recognized by a peer for going out of your way to solve a problem, winning a competition at work, or beating your previous sales records – – all of these are achievements to start jotting down.

Look for feedback from clients and colleagues.

In the last few weeks and months, what kinds of feedback have you received from clients? If you have been hearing positive things, then you need to write them down as proof of your achievements. The same thing goes for colleagues who may be looking to you as a subject matter expert.

Learning and development goals.

Have you participated in some additional training or learning initiatives at work to better your skills? If so, these are achievements to include. Going back to college or taking certification classes are great achievements that demonstrate your commitment to being a better professional in your field.

Start writing your achievements down, as they happen.

Now that you have some things written down, organize them by category and put them on a one-page document, which you can give to your supervisor during the review. This will make your boss’s job much easier and they will appreciate the effort you went through to create this list. In the future, write down your achievements as they happen so you have an ongoing record of your hard work.

By using the above tips, you should be able to start building a nice list of career accomplishments that can support a more positive performance review. Maintain this list and keep building it for long term career success.

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