As a job seeker, it can be confusing at times understanding how to handle the issue of sending cover letters. This is a special concern when job advertisements are generally run as blind ads, meaning the company’s human resource information may be left out. However, it’s important to follow instructions and send a well-written cover letter when it’s requested.

How can you know who you should be addressing your cover letter to, so it gets in front of the right person? Read on for some tricks for handling this correctly.

Read Through The Advertisement Carefully

Sometimes, the contact information (email) of where to send a cover letter and resume are hiding in plain sight in the job advertisement or on the applicant tracking system where jobs are posted. Take the time to re-read these areas and you may spot it. If there is an email that states a name, use this as the person to address the cover letter to as it looks more professional.

Contact The Company Directly

If the job advertisement includes the name of the company, but no contact information of who to address your cover letter to, it’s perfectly acceptable to pick up the phone and ask. Generally, a central answering service or receptionist will answer, so briefly explain what you need and they should be able to supply you with at least a name or email address.

Review The Company Website

Many companies include a career section on their website, and you may find the name of the human resource director here. Send the cover letter addressed to this person. Your application will likely be passed to a recruiter there, but at least you have taken the time to research the company a little and this will impress them.

Staffing Agency Cover Letter

In some cases, you may be working under the direction of a temporary staffing agency. Be sure to ask your staffing manager who to address the cover letter to for a targeted job. You may be asked to supply a general cover letter with no name added for the time being, and your staffing manager will get it into the right hands.

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