Getting asked to come in for a second or even third interview can be exciting, and it can mean that the company may be offering you a job soon. But, what if you are having second thoughts about even going to the interview because you don’t think the company has a job that’s a good fit for you? Should you turn down the second job interview?

Here are a couple of ways to look at this, to determine if you should go to the interview or gracefully back down.

Turn The Interview Down

  • The job you are interviewing for is far below your abilities and earning requirements
  • The company culture is not what you expected or you observed very negative behaviors
  • The job will require a major relocation for you, with no support from the company
  • The interview led you to believe that the company or the job conflicts with personal or professional values
  • You met your “future” boss and he or she seems like a very difficult or negative person to work for

Accept The Interview

  • The job you are interviewing for seems interesting and the starting salary is adequate
  • The company culture is much better than you expected and you observed happy employees
  • The company provides financial support for relocation and housing requirements
  • The job may not be perfect, but the company values are in line with your own
  • You still have more questions to ask the recruitment team about the job and the company
  • You haven’t met anyone on the management or leadership team yet

Now, most career coaches will advise that you take the second interview as an opportunity to both learn more about the company, and gain valuable interviewing experience at the same time. These are both valid factors for accepting another interview. You may not think the job is a good fit, but is it possible that the company may see your value and offer you something better? You will never know if you don’t take that chance.

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