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After applying for multiple jobs and waiting for weeks for a job interview, the big day has finally arrived. But as “Murphy’s Law” dictates, everything can and does go wrong. The car won’t start, you’ve misplaced your best resume, your socks don’t match, and you end up arriving to the interview feeling frustrated and embarrassed because you are late. Then, the interview goes poorly because you get stuck on a few interview questions, forget to mention a few facts, and you are overwhelmed with meeting a bunch of new people.

In a nutshell, the interview has gone terribly. What can you to redeem yourself at this point? Fortunately, there are some steps you can take right away to follow up and even request a new interview.

Step 1. Call the recruiter at the end of the day, apologize and ask for an opportunity for a re-do interview.

Recruiters are human too, and if the person you met with is any kind of professional, he or she will at least hear you out and possibly allow you to interview again. Don’t expect this, but at least explain that you happened to have a really bad day, but that you have what it takes to excel at the company. Sell yourself effectively to the recruiter.

Step 2. If you get a second chance at an interview, you will have to work harder this time.

Remember to bring you’re a-game to this new interview. Arrive at least 10 minutes early, dressed for success and with a fresh copy of your resume and a business card. You have to be able to sell yourself well to the recruiter, so be prepared to answer tough questions and share examples of why you are the best fit for the job. Be grateful in your demeanor and thank the recruiter profusely for this opportunity.

Step 3.Follow up with the recruiter to express gratitude.

After you’ve had a more successful interview, be sure to promptly send a handwritten thank you card to the recruiter. Go a step further and slip a gift card for a local coffee shop or restaurant in the card too.

Above all else, try not to be too hard on yourself for messing up the first time. You’re human and things happen. 

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