Is your team almost perfect, except for a lot of grumbling from a select few employees? You may not think it’s a problem, but low team morale can come with a hefty price tag for the business. It reduces the effectiveness of what should be a highly functioning team. Negative attitudes, poor attendance, and lack of loyalty from a group of employees can invade the entire organization, taking it down from the inside.

The good news is that you can identify and weed out the employees who are creating low morale for the rest of the team. These behaviors can be tough to spot at first, and surprise – they may come from the employees you least expect.

Once happy – now grumpy

If you have noticed that a certain employee or a group of employees who once wore smiles on their faces are now acting angry, frustrated, or negative – it’s time to take action. Talk to these people on an individual basis, ask them how they are doing and what may be getting in the way of their happiness.

Slackers and avoiders

When employees no longer express any interest in their work, the customers, or the projects that are coming up, something is very wrong. Watch for employees who dart out of meetings early (or don’t show up at all), refuse to do more than they are asked to do, and often demonstrate poor accountability.

Gossiping Gus

Perhaps no other type of employee can bring a team’s morale down like the gossiping guy or girl. This is a person who has nothing to say in meetings, but as soon as the boss turns his back there is a grapevine of false statements growing like crazy.

Want to put a stop to these behaviors on your team? Start weeding out and taking disciplinary action, including letting people like this go. Replace them with temporary workers who want to work hard and earn a place on your team.

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