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Experts say that around 70 percent of the current workforce is unhappy on some level, and of these people around half are passively seeking work elsewhere. Technology has made it possible for people to look for work on-the-go, which
means even your best employees may be looking at new jobs via their social networks and job board apps.

How can you spot the signs that a top employee is passively looking for another job? More importantly, how can you retain your best employees and stop them from being tempted by other companies?

The employee seems extra distracted.          

If a normally productive employee starts acting distracted and distance, this could be a sign they are seeking work elsewhere. Being distracted means they have other things on their mind, such as when they will fit in a job interview with a competing company. How can you stop this? Pull them into your office for a meeting to discuss their career goals and how your company can help them achieve this.

The employee’s performance is suffering. 

Over time, an employee has not been working up to speed. This could indicate that the employee has a number of other things going on, such as personal issues, or has lost interest in the job. Find out what the core issue is, and then conduct a performance review with a positive plan of action to improve things.

The employee avoids peers.

When an employee separates himself from others, it’s a sign that he is already on his way out. Find out if there is a personality problem or something else causing the employee to self-ostracize, and then find a special project to bring the employee back into your team structure.

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