Procrastination is a common behavior that can quickly become a vicious cycle. At first it seems okay to put something off but then it spirals out of control as you then begin to have to put other tasks off too . Before you know it, you are overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

It is possible to beat procrastination. Use the small steps below to start moving past procrastination and into more proactive work habits.

Know Your Limits

People often take on too much at work, which can lead to burnout and eventual procrastination. Take the time to notice when you are at your peak performance and when you are lagging behind. Avoid accepting additional work until you have other projects finished.

Create a Task Management System

When tasks seem big, it’s tempting to put them off. Instead, break tasks down and use a task management system to devote small time chunks to completing them. Before you know it, things will be done.

Stop Making Lists and Excuses

It can be easy to write well-meaning lists in the hopes of getting things completed, but this is just another way of avoiding things. Stop making excuses too. Learn to prioritize your daily tasks and knock things off one by one.

Ask for Help

You cannot do everything and your boss at work shouldn’t expect this either. Ask for help from your colleagues when you are stuck on tasks or running out of time. Allocate some tasks to others. Reach out and get help from a temp employee or intern.

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