Developing Workplace Leaders in Atlanta

It has been said that ‘leaders are not born; they are made’. This is especially true when companies invest time and money into developing their employees into future leaders. Human Resource managers can do their part by identifying the programs and training methods that can help employees build leadership skills.

If you are either a smaller company with limited resources or have a tight training budget, there are still some ways to develop workforce training for your team that’s tailored to the goals of the company. Here’s where to get started.

Focus on the Skills that Matter Most

Your leadership development program doesn’t have to be designed after the big-name leadership programs that deal with high level concepts. Instead, it can be designed to build the skills that have a direct impact on the performance and leadership ability of your teams. For example, strong communication skills are highly important to leadership development, therefore training in this area can be a good starting point.

Seek out Mentoring Opportunities

One of the most practical ways to create an adaptable and self-managed leadership training program is to pair seasoned team leads up with less experienced employees. Knowledge transfer comes easily as they work together. Mentors can also come from other organizations, such as industry groups and workforce coaches, who can schedule time devoted to evaluating and training employees on specific topics that will enhance their performance.

Consider Community Training Resources

Nearly every town or city has a workforce development office, with professionals who are happy to come in to conduct brown bag training sessions on a variety of leadership concepts. Reach out to Atlanta area universities where there may be professors eager to work with future students in leadership programs too. Check with the Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Administration, and business networks for additional training support.

Try Online Leadership Training

Thanks to technology, there are limitless online training courses available on leadership topics that employees can participate at low cost and around their regular work schedules. Support employees who want to learn how to become leaders by securing discounted tuition or paying for a subscription to the courses each year so all can benefit from this method of learning.

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