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Experts have long believed that employee happiness has a lot to do with the outcome of business profitability. It makes perfect sense. When an employee is happy, he or she is apt to be more engaged and energized about the work that they do. Happiness is a core component of being motivated.

Building a workplace that’s filled with happy people isn’t as challenging as you might think. It’s not always about salary either. In fact, research shows that happiness comes from many sources. Here are some ways that you can increase the happiness level of your workplace and improve your business position in the market.

Make the Culture Unforgettable

The happiest employees are those who fit in well with an outstanding corporate culture. This happens during the recruitment phase when evaluating each candidate for suitability within the culture. But you can step up the game by improving your corporate culture a little at a time. For example, start working on some of the values in your company such as respect and collaboration. These can attract a better breed of candidate and help improve your team.

Create Workplace Flexibility

A Gallup poll found that “35 percent of employees want more flexible schedules and 46 percent of employees say that flexibility is the most important aspect when looking for a new job.” Creating a work environment where flexibility is allowed can give employees a chance to enjoy life a little more. When employees can effectively manage their schedules, they can manage their careers.

Provide Growth Opportunities

A good amount of employees are also looking for the chance to excel in their careers through on-site learning and educational opportunities. Developing a culture of learning is an important component of a work place where employees can be happier. And imagine that once employees achieve their educational goals they will become more productive in their day-to-day work.

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