Finding a Career Mentor in Atlanta

Companies today need low-cost yet effective methods of developing the career paths of employees. While online training and classroom sessions can take care of some of the more technical aspects of employee work, mentoring is a time-tested solution for teaching a wide variety of soft skills. Therefore, it is imperative that your company begins or updates your current mentoring program with quality leadership in place and candidates who embrace learning from other generations.

To get started, here are some ways to build a successful mentoring program that takes advantage of the limitless knowledge and skills that your team already has, and transfers this to incoming employees.

Match the Right Mentors to Employees

Mentoring can go wrong if people are not carefully matched. There can be personality conflicts, ethical concerns, and other factors that get in the way of a successful mentoring program. One of the best ways to match employees with their mentors is to conduct personality assessments. This can be done through the staffing agency or you can use an in-house product like the Myers-Briggs or the DiSC assessment to determine the personality types of your workforce. Connect complementary personalities and values with each other.

Give Mentors the Proper Training

In order for mentors to be successful, they too will need some training to prepare them for the challenges of this role. In the first place, mentors should be volunteers and they should be excited about teaching other people business related skills. As part of your mentorship program, set up an orientation and training session before allowing anyone to work with employees. This can be facilitated by more seasoned mentors who can share best practices with new incoming mentors.

Provide Support and Resources to Mentors

In today’s business world, mentoring has taken on new levels so that it has become more of a coaching relationship. This requires mentors to be supplied with plenty of resources to help them work with employees as they grow in their own careers. Very often, mentors don’t have time to seek out these resources so it is up to your business to provide them with ongoing support and resources like coaching exercises and performance management guides.

Pridestaff Atlanta can help your organization match the right employees with mentors by assessing their unique skills and personalities before they come to work for your company. Remember, when employers invest in the career growth of their employees, there is a strong business case for return on investment in the form of enhanced productivity and performance. A mentoring program costs very little time and money to run, so it’s one of the better ways to accomplish this.

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