You’ve just walked out of a job interview with a dream company, feeling pretty good about things. But then, days go by without a word from the hiring manager. Now, you’re scratching your head wondering what went wrong? Was it something you did? Turns out, unfortunately, the answer could be yes.

Many job seekers commit interview mistakes without even realizing it at the time. These mistakes can be completely unconscious to someone who is sincerely trying to put their best foot forward with a hiring company. Mistakes come out of a number of reasons, from being ill-prepared to answer certain types of interview questions to having poor body language. Let’s take a look at some of these things you could be doing wrong and how to correct them.

Arriving Too Early to the Interview

One may think that being early to a job interview is a good thing, right? While being about 10 minutes early is professional, being more than 30 minutes early is annoying at best. This puts the recruiter in a bind. He or she has to find a place to put you while they wrap up the previous person’s interview time. Then there’s the awkward time you are sitting there getting more nervous by the minute while the office secretary observes you. Not a good idea.

Being Too Desperate During the Interview

There is a fine line between wanting a new job and being over-the-top because you come across as desperate for a job. Remember, you are supposed to be leveraging your skills and background as valuable to a hiring manager, not giving yourself away. You want to maintain this perspective, even if you are in need of a job right away. Express interest, but don’t appear as overly eager.

Zero Eye Contact

If there is one thing that will turn a recruiter off faster than any other factor, it’s when a candidate presents that makes little to no eye contact during the interview. This is supposed to be a discussion and your time to shine, not to hide under the desk. It’s a two-way communication and no matter how uncomfortable you are, you must look people in the eye and talk with them. Practice making better eye contact in the mirror and with a career coach so that next time, you don’t make this mistake.

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