Company Culture

In the quest to attract quality candidates, hiring professionals must put their organization in as much positive light as possible.

Oftentimes, this includes sharing the company brand and culture in a more detailed way through various efforts. A company culture can help potential candidates understand more about the business, what values are present, and if they may be able to fit in well with the existing team.

How can you include your company culture in a job description? Here are some pointers for doing this well.

Include an eye-catching job title that reflects the corporate culture

In order to reel in the best candidates, your number one focus is to create a job title that both describes the job and the outstanding culture of the company. For example, instead of ‘Hiring Light Industrial Workers” try, “Join the Leader in Manufacturing Training as a Light Industrial Expert”. In this case, learning is a value that will appeal to candidates looking for an opportunity to advance in their careers.

Give a detailed description of the organizational mission and values

In the first line of the job description, include a sentence that describes the company mission and values. This should be a shortened version that will inspire the regular reader. An example could be, “We lead the way towards manufacturing innovation with ongoing updates and quality training that produces the top results for our international customers.”

Use action words in the job requirements that depict the culture

Instead of a list of dull requirements and tasks for the job, create a set of actionable items that describe the possible work that the candidate can expect. Action words can include: Focused on, Look forward to, Learn to, Put plan in action, etc.

Share the specific traits you think fit well in the culture of the business

As you write the job description, include the employee traits that tend to do well in the corporate culture. For example, things like being a self-starter, having a friendly personality, enjoying teamwork and collaboration, being a lifelong learner, like having fun and working hard, and more.

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