Have you been struggling for months trying to figure out why your company’s social media isn’t getting the right results?

Maybe you have been trying to get more candidates to learn about career opportunities to improve recruitment efforts. Or maybe you just want to make sure the corporate culture is accurately being shared on your social media platforms. So much of what HR and recruitment teams do today involves social media and marketing, so there’s no room for error.

Whatever the case may be, there are some ways to optimize your company’s social media presence. Read on for some expert tips for improving your company image on social networks.

Stick with the right social networks.

Just because there are multiple social platforms out there doesn’t mean your company needs to be involved in all of them. Instead, consider the social networks that are most frequented by your targeted candidates. For example, LinkedIn for passive candidates, Instagram for millennials. Encourage employees to share on these platforms too.

Have a purpose for every post.

Instead of sharing random posts, why not make your time and effort worthwhile with a purpose? Set up a calendar of posts at the start of each month, with a recruitment theme. For example, in April and May you can create a series of blog posts about career opportunities for new graduates. Another content area to consider is testimonials. Share positive testimonials from current employees to boost the overall image of your company across the internet.

Get professional support for creating content.

When trying to manage social media and display the corporate culture, you don’t have to go it alone. There are agencies that specialize in handling social media content on behalf of the recruitment and HR team. From written posts to following up with candidates, a social media company with recruitment expertise can support your goals. A social media agency can help improve your image with others and monitor any negative posts on company review websites.

How can you find the best candidates in 2017?

Maybe it’s Instagram. Or maybe it’s LinkedIn. If not social media, trust the experts at PrideStaff Atlanta to source the best candidate for your available position. Experts in putting qualified employees to work across the city of Atlanta; we have the team on hand to assist you with your hiring needs! Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with our team as you work to grow yours!

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