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If you’re on the hunt for a new job and aren’t having much luck with common job boards, don’t overlook opportunities to build your network.

Making contact with people in your industry and maintaining a list of contacts that you currently work with or might work with in the future can open you up to some job opportunities you may not otherwise be privy to. Here are some networking essentials to keep in mind:

Attend Career Fairs

Even though you’ll run into hundreds of other job seekers at career fairs, these can be great events for introducing yourself to key decision makers and making a good first impression. Instead of waiting for an interview and call back, visiting the booth at a career fair can give a hiring manager or other HR employees a chance to meet you in person, have a conversation, and exchange contact information.

Be Prepared to Tell Your Story

Whether you’re attending a business networking event or a career fair, be prepared to tell your story with confidence. You don’t want to be caught off guard when somebody asks you something about your career goals, where you are currently working, and what your educational or work background is. Be prepared to tell a good story and make sure it’s relatable to the audience you are conversing with so they remember you.

Dress Professionally

Even if you are attending a casual social event, you need to pay attention to your appearance and the image you project. You never know who you might end up meeting at a networking event and you want to maintain a professional demeanor. Remember that somebody in the crowd may end up being in charge of hiring you so you want to greet everyone and speak with everyone with respect, a professional tone, and confidence. Take the time to put together an outfit well before the event so you feel comfortable.

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