Getting Out of a Job Search Rut

The job market continues to be increasingly competitive and finding that dream job may be a challenge in the new year ahead. As you get your resume ready and prepare for upcoming job interviews, make sure you’re not making some job search mistakes that could leave you without a job for even longer. Here are some job search mistakes to avoid next year:

Providing Too Much Information on Your Resume

While employers want to see how much experience you have, you don’t have to share a detailed list of every job you’ve held in the past few decades. Keep it brief and only highlight the last three jobs so that you can provide relevant information. Most employers will only glance at the resume and may even be turned off if you submit one that is too detailed or too long.

Sending a Generic Cover Letter

The cover letter you send needs to be sincere and written only for the employer you are interested in working with. Avoid sending a generic cover letter that doesn’t identify anything listed in the job description or anything specific to the company. You want to customize this letter as much as you can so it stands out from the pack, showing that you would be the perfect candidate for the position.

Going at It Alone

Even though it’s easier than ever to browse job postings online and find information about company hiring managers, you don’t have to do all the legwork alone. Consider working with a career coach or a staffing agency to guide you through the job search process and give you some tips on interviewing. You’ll want to make sure you are well-prepared for the entire interviewing process and know how to negotiate the salary and benefits package.

Not Knowing Your Value

It’s easy to underestimate your value when you have just left a bad job situation or you are looking to jump into a new career path. Make a realistic assessment about your skills, abilities, and experience so you can present your strengths and secure the right job.

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