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If you’re getting ready for interview day, you may already be anxious or nervous about the meeting ahead.

While drinking a cup of coffee or tea can help you stay alert during that early morning interview, it may not help you with your nerves. Caffeine is a stimulant which means you may end up being more jittery than usual — and unable to focus when speaking to the interviewer. Here are some of the side effects of having caffeine in your system before an interview, presented by PrideStaff, one of the leading staffing agencies in Atlanta and Gainesville.

Sweaty Palms

Since caffeine affects your central nervous system, you may end up sweating more than usual. When it’s time to shake hands with the interviewer or other team members, sweaty palms could get in the way of making a good impression — and be a dead giveaway that you are nervous or anxious. If you already tend to sweat under pressure, caffeine will only make things worse. Avoid the cup of coffee so you can stay calm, focused and relaxed during the interview.

Increased Stress Levels

While caffeine will give you that energy boost you need in the morning, it can also increase stress levels. You’re already walking into a somewhat stressful situation so you’ll want to avoid adding more stress to your plate on interview day. Stick with green tea which can help with energy but won’t make you feel stressed out.

Difficulty Staying Focused

If your interviewer ends up asking you to take a test or complete an assignment, having too much caffeine in your system can make it difficult to focus and concentrate. You might be more anxious than usual which means you won’t be able to think creatively or come up with effective solutions to the sample problems. Avoid caffeine so you can maintain a clear head and concentrate when you need to.

Skipping the caffeine on interview day is a smart move if you want to maintain your composure before and during your interview. If you tend to get anxious and nervous in front of strangers or already fairly nervous about the upcoming meeting, steer clear of caffeine that can cause anxiety or stress.

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