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Social networking is the new normal.

And, when it comes to your job search, the way recruiters are using social network profiles is changing. For many opportunities, social network profiles are making resumes obsolete.

Personal Branding

It used to be that ‘branding’ meant something cattle ranchers used as a method to differentiate their herd from another. Today, personal branding is universal. Regardless of who you are or what job you do, your personal ‘brand’ matters.

As a candidate, you have the great opportunity to present yourself to the hiring manager or recruiting agency in a compelling way, thanks to personalized social media network profiles.

Profiles offer a stronger method of demonstrating your uniqueness over a traditional two-page resume. You can expand on items such as personal interests, hobbies, and other creative pursuits – think linking to your personal blog, or to a post reviewing a recent book you’ve just read – to provide the recruiter with a better sense of who you are as a well-rounded person.

Testimonials and Recommendations

Another way social network profiles are making your resume obsolete is through testimonials and recommendations. You no longer need to gather an extensive list of references to include with your paper resume. Social network platforms, like LinkedIn, provide ample opportunities to include personal recommendations and testimonials about how great your skills are, and why they’d recommend others work with you. That’s valuable information just waiting to be read by a recruiter or hiring manager; no “telephone tag” required

Spotlight on Communication Skills

Perhaps one of the most useful features of social network platforms is their ability to demonstrate your communication skills. Because of the immense amount of additional information included, recruiters can get a great sense of how well you’re suited to the role, and how you communicate. And because of the friendly, conversational tone of social networks, you’re showing a personality that doesn’t shine through a resume.

Do You Still Need a Resume?


While social network profiles are an excellent way to demonstrate who you are and what you do, they’ll never completely replace the need for a well-written resume when applying for a position with a specialized staffing agency.

Resumes may seem ‘old school’ in the digital age, but they give recruiters key insights into aspects of your job skills – such as attention to detail, and your ability to provide the requested information. Additionally, many job applications are initially screened through an automated recruiting software program that can’t properly evaluate online profiles.

So, while having a strong profile on your favorite social network can help you get the job you want, you’ll still need to have an effective resume to stand out from the competition.

Let PrideStaff Help!

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