As the saying goes, ‘Little things mean a lot.’

Often, it’s not the big gestures others remember about us, but the small, seemingly insignificant things we do that dramatically impact how colleagues, and potential employers, view us.

The Way You Walk into a Room

Do you enter a room with slumped shoulders and a lackluster expression? Do you swing open the door with complete disregard of whether someone might be standing behind it? How you enter a room can make a big impact on the people in the room; especially if it’s their first impression of you.

When you enter a room for the first time, make the strongest possible impression by

  • Holding yourself tall;
  • Keeping your head up and eyes alert;
  • Looking around the room;
  • Being focused and paying attention from your first step through the door;
  • Smiling at others, acknowledging them, and say “Hello.”

And don’t forget to hold the door open for the person following you, offering to help if they appear to be struggling with supplies or their mobility.

The Clothes You Wear

There is little that can equal the powerful impact the clothes you wear can have a first impression.  Our eyes make quick judgments and assessments of someone long before we ever hear them speak. So, when you’re getting dressed for the day, give a little thought to the impact your attire might have on the people you’ll be meeting. And don’t think you have to look like you’ve walked out of a fashion magazine. Clean, tidy clothes coupled with a neat hairstyle will tell others you’re serious about the impression you want to make.

The Words You Speak

How we speak to others is vital when it comes to their opinion of us. It’s fine to be easygoing and casual when chatting with friends on the phone or in a social situation, but being overly friendly in a business situation can put a prospective employer off. Paying attention to the way you speak, avoiding the use of slang and profanities is an easy way to show others you respect them, and yourself.

Practice these tips the next time you walk into an appointment or your current place of employment. Before you even know it these simple ways to stand out will become second nature to you, making you impossible to forget.

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