In most cases, whenever a company posts a job opening, at least a few of the applications will come from individuals who are clearly overqualified. Often, human resources professionals and hiring managers are automatically hesitant to pursue these applicants, fearing they will want too much money, don’t fully understand what the job entails, that they will get bored and begin looking for new work almost immediately, or they will head out the door as soon as a better deal comes along. However, dismissing a job seeker quickly because their resume suggests they are overqualified can mean missing out on a great candidate. Here are just a few reasons why you should give them a chance.

This Might Be Their Ideal Job

Just because a person has pushed their career to a certain level, it doesn’t guarantee that’s where they want to be. Job seekers may have a variety of reasons for applying to a position for which they are overqualified. It could be that the job involves the type of work they enjoy or that they aren’t interested in a higher level of responsibility. They could be especially interested in working for the company, a true possibility for businesses with strong reputations and positive cultures.

The point is, the applicant could have a perfectly valid reason for pursuing a job that may appear beneath their experience, and you can’t always determine that from a resume alone.

Able to Hit the Ground Running

An overqualified candidate may not require the same level of training as someone without much prior experience. In cases where a department is shorthanded or a project has fallen behind, selecting one of these job seekers may be an excellent way to get things moving forward again, fast. In fact, they may even possess skills that your other employees don’t have, making them a great selection when the position involves bringing something new into the company, like a particular IT solution, that the job seeker has worked with before.

More Bang for Your Buck

When an overqualified candidate is open to working the position at a pay rate that is appropriate for the work, you are actually getting a higher level of skill as a bargain price. Often, when job seekers with more experience than necessary are interested in the job, it’s because they aren’t looking strictly at the paycheck. Even if they don’t stay with the company for more than six months to a year, you get a top performer with remarkable skills and may find the value they add more than compensates for their short time with the business.

Looking for your next top candidate?

At PrideStaff, we understand the importance of looking beyond a person’s resume to see if they are truly an ideal candidate for a position, even if they seem to be overqualified. It is this level of commitment to our process that assists area companies in finding the best person for the job based on what they have to offer the business. If you are looking for top candidates for your open positions, contact us to speak with one of our experienced recruitment specialists and see how our services can help you locate and screen applicants to find the right person for the job.

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