Summer is officially upon us, and that means many workers are staring longingly out the window instead of being entirely dedicated to the task at hand, and the use of sick days may be oddly on the rise. Workplaces that aren’t completely temperature controlled may also become physically uncomfortable, leading the heat to serve as a distraction to those working in the space. These seasonal changes often mean it’s time to make some changes to help team members stay on target during these sunny months. Here are seven strategies that can help keep your employees focused on work instead of the sunshine and rising temperatures.

  1. Consider a More Lenient Dress Code

If your work environment tends to reach sweltering temperatures in the summer, consider loosening the dress code to allow employees to have more options. Letting workers come to work in t-shirts and shorts can give them options to stay cooler when the temperatures rise and may help them remain productive.

However, don’t make changes in areas that could affect safety, such as requiring steel-toed boots in manufacturing environments, as that should always be a priority.

  1. Adjust Meetings

With vacations and weddings more common in summer months, it’s no surprise that more employees are going to request time off to enjoy a long weekend. To help ensure the workplace remains productive and important staff members can be present at meetings, consider scheduling them on Tuesday through Thursday to make it easier to accommodate vacations without having to keep vital activities on hold.

  1. Focus on Career Goals

Part of keeping your staff engaged is to help them reach their career goals. Let summer be a time of learning and professional development by creating initiatives to help employees progress. Not only will this keep them interested, it will also help them stay productive and satisfied on the job.

  1. Add Some Fun

Employees can begin feeling resentful if they believe they are missing out on fun due to work. To help make workers feel appreciated, and give them a break from work stresses, consider hosting an employee appreciation event with some summer flare. Barbecues, beach days and similar themes embrace the season and help show your team you appreciate everything they do for the company.

  1. Keep Disciplinary Actions Private

If a few workers are pushing the limits of approved policies or potentially abusing their leave, resist the urge to send blanket emails to everyone on staff. Instead, have private conversations with each individual and discuss your concerns respectfully. Often, these meetings can rein in the majority of offenders quickly, allowing things to return to normal.

  1. Take Work Outside

In workplaces where tasks can be completed from almost anywhere, such as computer-based work, consider encouraging employees to head outside on occasion instead of staying at their desks. Thanks to mobile technology, a larger portion of the workforce can get just as much done from a picnic table as they can at their assigned workstation. So, if you have some outdoor seating and a mechanism that supports a non-traditional work setting, consider making it an option.

  1. Bring in Contingent Workers

If determining who can have time off and when has become a challenge for a small team, bringing in temporary workers could be the solution to your scheduling problem. Contingent employees can fill in for full-time permanent staff, letting everyone get the vacation time they want without having to sacrifice production goals.


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