At some point in most people’s careers, the idea of moving to a new city will likely come to mind. Whether it’s because you found an opportunity you are having a tough time ignoring or are simply interested in seeing what a city like Atlanta may have to offer, deciding to relocate is always a big decision. To help you determine whether moving is the right choice for you, here are some key questions to ask yourself before you take the leap.

Is my family onboard?

If you aren’t the only one who would end up moving if you decide to go, it is important to make sure your family, especially your spouse, agrees with the decision. Regardless of the strength of the job offer or the potential a different city may hold for your career, it likely isn’t worth it if your family isn’t going to be happy after the move.

Would the salary of a new job be enough based on the cost of living?

The same salary that provides a comfortable life in one city may be practically impossible to live on in another depending on the size of your family and current financial obligations. Before you decide to move, it is critical you understand what it will actually cost to live in your destination city. Look up housing, food, utilities and fuel costs first to see how they compare to what you are paying now. Then, determine what salary would be necessary for you to make ends meet without having to make too many lifestyle sacrifices.

Can I afford to move?

Moving is expensive, especially if you are going more than an hour or two down the road. Costs of renting trucks or hiring movers can add up fast, so it is important to understand how much it would take to get the necessary services before you begin making concrete plans. You also need to handle things like first and last month’s rent and deposits if you are going to be a renter or the costs of purchasing a home if you intend to buy.

Do I like the area?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to local amenities, and not every location offers the same options. Before moving to a city like Atlanta, research the various neighborhoods to determine if the areas provide everything you need, including social outlets and options for entertainment, or you may find your life outside of work isn’t very satisfying.

Can you find a quality employment opportunity?

Whether you are considering a move because of a job offer or you want to explore the possibilities in a new area, it is important to determine whether the potential employers are reputable and provide a reasonable amount of job security. Make sure to research any company that makes an offer of employment before you say “yes” and start packing. That way you can determine if relocating for the position is the right move.



Are you ready to make the move?

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