Many job seekers are surprised to hear that around half of employers screen candidates using social media, and one in three admits to rejecting an applicant based on what they found. Social media screening is likely here to stay, so cleaning up your profiles before you start looking for a new job is practically mandatory. To help you ensure your account won’t cost you a job offer, here are some tips on how to clean up your social media pages for employers.

Review Your Privacy Settings

Sometimes, the easiest way to manage your social media profile is to set everything to the most stringent privacy setting. By doing so, you can prevent people who randomly search for you from viewing much information, making it easier to keep certain aspects of your life private.

However, this only works if you don’t have professional connections on your page that may also know the hiring manager. If you do have friends, co-workers, or acquaintances in common, then it’s time to remove some content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Images on your social media profile are some of the first items you should screen. Anything incriminating should be removed immediately, including potentially illegal activity and inappropriate poses or actions. Ultimately, if you wouldn’t want your future boss to see it, take it down.

When you’re looking through the images, don’t forget to check your profile picture. This is often viewable regardless of whether the person is a “friend” online, so switch over to something professional while you’re job searching.

You may also need to review any photos in which you are tagged. If you show up in a picture on a friend’s profile, and they’ve connected it to you, you may need to ask them to remove the connection or take it down entirely.

But Words Are Also Important

Once you’ve handled the pictures, it’s time to look at your text-based content. Start by auditing your status updates and remove anything that could be inappropriate, discriminatory or generally negative. This is especially true if you previously spoke poorly of your current or prior workplace, co-workers or bosses.

You also want to review your posts for content that may be seen as discriminatory derogatory, or inappropriate. Once any potentially damaging posts are removed, go through those that remain and do a quick spelling and grammar check. While most people don’t consider these reflections of their writing abilities, employers may think otherwise. That means some quick edits could be necessary.

Is Your Social Media Presence Hindering Your Job Search?

At PrideStaff, we understand how social media profiles can impact your chances of finding new employment opportunities. Our skilled recruitment professionals can help you review your content to ensure you make the best impression on hiring managers who may screen using social media. Schedule some time with one of our experienced recruitment specialists and see what PrideStaff has to offer job seekers like you.

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