Job hunting when you live in another state is a challenge. Often, hiring managers have local candidates interested in the position as well, and they are typically favored due to their ability to interview and potentially start more quickly. But, if you’re willing to relocate, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Instead, you need to find ways to get the hiring manager’s attention that make your current location a non-issue. Here are some keys to success when applying for a job out of state.

Update the Address on Your Resume

Sometimes, the easiest way to bypass the stigma of being a non-local job seeker is to make it seem as though the move is set in stone. Some people choose to put the target city on their resume. This can be especially effective if you have a friend or relative in that area, as you may be able to use their address (with permission) in place of your own. However, be aware you may be called for a short-notice interview, and that might be hard to manage.

Another similar technique is to list your current location, but include a note that you’re moving to the target area. You can add this in parentheses directly adjacent to your current city and state. Use the word “relocating” instead of the phrase “willing to relocate” as it makes it sound like the move is inevitable.

Add an Explanation in the Cover Letter

Most moves aren’t random. Often, you have a reason for choosing the target city. Maybe a partner, friend or family member lives in the area, and you’re interested in joining them. You may also be eager to return home after going to college out of state.

If you have a specific reason for choosing the city, consider adding it to your cover letter. Giving the hiring manager a bit of context regarding your interest can limit the negative effects of being non-local now. This is especially true if the reason further supports the idea that the transition is inevitable and not necessarily contingent on you getting the position (even if scoring the job is actually the catalyst).

Make Interviewing and Hiring Easy

One of the biggest reasons hiring managers are reluctant to pursue out-of-state candidates is the challenges surrounding the interview. Some may be happy with alternative methods, like phone-based or Skype interviews, but many prefer to meet in person. This means you need to be prepared to handle your own travel expenses, including short-notice plane tickets. Additionally, you may want to forgo requesting relocation assistance (unless it is clearly offered in the vacancy announcement or similar information source) and be ready to make the move fast.

Looking for help in your out-of-state job search?

At PrideStaff, we understand that job searching as a non-local is hard. By using the techniques above, you can increase your odds of successfully landing an out-of-state job. If you want additional assistance finding a position with a top company in the Atlanta area, our experienced team of recruiters can connect you with some of the best around. Contact us to schedule a phone meeting with a member of our staff and see how our services can take the headache out of an out-of-state job search.

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