Being ahead of your competitors can play a big role in the success of your company, and staying apprised of industry trends is a surefire way to stay on the cutting edge. However, keeping up with all the information isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t a one-person job. That’s why having your employees get involved can be such a great move.

If you want your workers to stay on top of industry trends, you need to make the process simple. Here are a few ways you can make keeping up with the latest news easier for everyone.

Get Everyone Connected

You can’t stay on top of industry trends if you aren’t watching the proper topics. One surefire way to make it easy to keep up is to update the company’s social media feeds to carry the right information in their news feeds. This creates a central source of information, and it can quickly be shared with other members of your workforce.

Encourage Sharing

Many people monitor industry trends in their field, but sharing the news with others in the organization isn’t always simple. To help facilitate the distribution of information, create an email alias or messaging channel where articles and other interesting tidbits can be submitted by workers. This puts everything in the same place and makes it easier for everyone to keep up with emerging trends that are worth noting.

Subscribe to Relevant Publications

For most industries, there are at least a few reputable trade journals or magazines that discuss what is happening in the field today and what is on the horizon. Not every employee is going to subscribe to these on their own, especially if the cost is higher than other publications. You can give everyone access to these by either paying for employee subscriptions or having a few sent to relevant departments in the office and placed in community areas, like break rooms, for everyone to peruse. Again, this is about accessibility and sharing, so try to find ways to get the information into the hands of others.

Make Collecting Customer Feedback a Standard

Any employee that interacts with customers has the ability to spot trends if they look at feedback data. If buyers of your product or service are repeatedly asking for a certain feature or new offering, this could indicate a trend in customer focus that can be monetized. Have your teams review feedback relevant to their area and see if they can brainstorm ways to solve common complaints or make requested improvements, especially if your competitors aren’t already filling this niche.

Prioritize Networking

Connecting with other professionals in their fields can help employees make connections and find out about emerging trends. Attending large events, like trade shows and conferences, can also allow them to gather information about what may be on the horizon.

Make sure workers are given the opportunity to attend such events as representatives of your company. By supporting their attendance, you’ll have access to details that might otherwise be missed.

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