In the land of reasons for being rejected for a job, being called “overqualified” is the only one that typically seems complimentary. On the surface, it suggests your skills are beyond what the job requires, which can feel like a point of pride. But, when you dig a little deeper, you can realize that being referred to as “overqualified” isn’t necessarily positive.

More often than not, repeatedly receiving that reason when you apply to positions indicates you may be targeting jobs that aren’t actually right for you. Here’s what you need to know about being “overqualified:”

Salary Concerns

At times, a company will tell you that you are overqualified and choose not to hire you because they are worried they can’t meet your salary requirements. If you possess a higher skill level than the job requires, employers likely see the value you represent. However, if their budget doesn’t allow them to pay you fairly for your experience, they may assume you wouldn’t accept the position even if it was offered.

Longevity Issues

When you have more experience or skills than a job requires, some employers are going to assume that this position isn’t likely to be your first choice. And that, even if you accept the offer, you’ll leave as soon as a better opportunity comes along.

In some cases, when a person is either unemployed or desperately trying to leave their current position, they may apply to anything for which they qualify. However, once the sense of urgency lifts, you may be inclined to seek out a job that is a better fit.

There is also a chance that you won’t be interested in doing some of the lower level tasks associated with the position, especially if you have been working at a higher level for some time. Concerns that you will become bored with the work also play a role, as you may look to make a quick exit if the duties don’t keep you engaged.

How to Avoid Being Overqualified

If you’re repeatedly told that you are overqualified for positions, it’s time to reassess the jobs to which you are applying. You may be underestimating your skill set or how your experience is seen by hiring managers.

To improve your chances of getting a job offer, you need to thoroughly review your skill set and work to find vacancies that can benefit from all that you have to offer. Look for options that you can reasonably do, but where certain aspects of the position would be a new challenge to take on.

Looking for the right job?

At PrideStaff, we understand that finding the right match for your skills and experience isn’t always easy or intuitive. If you are consistently being told you’re overqualified, our knowledgeable team of recruiters can help you target positions that are a better fit for what you have to offer. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists today and see how our services can help you land the ideal opportunity based on what you have to offer.

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