Conducting a job search while you’re still employed can be tricky. You want to make sure your current employer isn’t aware of your intention to secure a new opportunity as it can put your livelihood at risk. This makes it important to be careful with how you proceed.

If you want to keep your activities private, here are some tips on how to be discreet while you are looking for a new job.

Don’t Use Business Resources

Using your company computer, email address or telephone number is a surefire way to be discovered. In most cases, businesses monitor employee activities on company-owned devices, so the chance you’ll be caught printing your resume, applying for a position or contacting a prospective employer is high.

Additionally, many organizations have strict policies regarding how these resources are used. If you are found to have used company devices to conduct personal activities like a job search, you could be reprimanded or even fired. And, if you manage your search while you’re on the clock, the penalties are almost guaranteed to be severe.

Keep Your Activities Private

When you’re trying to be discreet during your job search, make sure not to advertise your intentions on social media. Announcing on your Facebook or LinkedIn profile you are actively seeking a new opportunity increases the odds someone at your current company will find out, and they might share that information with your manager or human resources personnel.

You should also avoid telling co-workers you’re seeking a new position, or you’re unhappy with your current role. The more people who know, the more likely someone you don’t want finding out will.

Network Carefully

If you’re trying to keep your activities quiet, it may feel as though you can’t take advantage of your network to help you find an opportunity, but that isn’t the case. You can contact members of your network if you can trust them to be discreet. Just let them know if they come across a position, they need to send you the details privately. This will ensure the information they find won’t end up on your public page or feed, making it easier to stay under the radar.

Choose the Right References

Sometimes, you need to provide information about your references on the application. If you want to keep your job search quiet, it’s best to include references who don’t work for your current employer. Consider other members of your network, such as co-workers from a previous employer or those who worked with you at your present company but have since left. By following this approach, you can make sure a hiring manager doesn’t contact your boss, blowing your cover.

Work With a Staffing Firm

Securing the services of a skilled recruiter can not only make your job search more efficient, it can help you keep it discreet as well. They will work as your advocate, helping you find suitable opportunities, and can look for positions for you, even when you’re at work.

Looking For a New Job But Don’t Know Where to Begin?

At PrideStaff, we understand that discretion is critical when you’re looking for a new position and are currently employed. If you want help finding a job, our skilled team of recruitment professionals can connect you with leading companies throughout the area. Contact us to speak with a member of our staff today and see how our services can work for you.

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