Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it’s easy to become distracted. Many employees are juggling increased demands in their personal lives with their work obligations, and the momentum of seasonal revelry can certainly be carried into the office, potentially harming productivity.

While you certainly want your workers to have a joyous holiday season, making sure their tasks are completed quickly and correctly is also a priority in any workplace. With that in mind, here are some tips to help your employees remain focused while still leaving room for holiday cheer.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

One of the most challenging parts of this time of year is managing absences. Generally, a substantial number of employees will request to use vacation time during the holidays, leaving some areas short-staffed for multiple weeks. In some cases, workers who need to handle a last-minute task may even use sick leave as a method for getting out of the office, especially if their vacation requests were denied or they feel they wouldn’t be approved if they ask. This can lead to a significant decline in overall productivity and potentially increased stress for those trying to make up the difference.

Instead of creating a situation that leads to the outcome above, consider offering your staff flexible scheduling options. This gives them the ability to be out of the office when they have personal activities to attend to, yet gives them a method for remaining productive, helping them juggle their obligations more effectively.

Scale Back on Meetings

While meetings can be a crucial part of the workday, not everyone is productive or even necessary, especially when key personnel are on vacation. Plus, they can easily interrupt the flow of the workday, taking workers away from important duties and requiring them to re-center when the meeting is done.

During this time of year, consider scaling back on the number of meetings so employees can focus on their tasks instead. Now, that doesn’t mean critical interactions can’t stay on the calendar (if everyone who is needed to move the topic forward will be present), just those that can afford to wait might be best rescheduled.

Outline Expectations Clearly

Sometimes, the easiest way to keep employees on target is to give clear guidance on the company’s current priorities. By outlining your expectations now and identifying must-do tasks in advance, workers understand where they should concentrate during the holiday season.

One method for doing so is to create a task list that can easily be displayed either at the person’s desk or in a shared team space. This puts the priorities front and center, giving everyone a much-needed touchstone to guide their activities.

Make Time to Celebrate

Surprisingly, scheduling time specifically to celebrate the season can help employees focus while on the clock. This creates a formal time and place for holiday-related interactions while giving you a mechanism for expressing your appreciation for their hard work, which can result in a significant boost to morale.

It also prevents teams from haphazardly scheduling their own celebrations, which can incidentally conflict with other activities, especially cross-departmental objectives. Plus, it gives everyone an opportunity to kick back and relax together, a move that can relieve stress and refocus the mind.

Dealing with a Stressful Holiday Season?

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