With each new year, different job-search trends emerge, and 2018 will be no different. Certain activities will become more important than ever while old habits will fade into obscurity. By adjusting to the trends, you can increase your odds of landing a coveted position, so being aware of which ones will jump into the spotlight in 2018 can be incredibly beneficial. Here’s what you need to know.

Personality Takes Center Stage

Many job seekers are used to downplaying their personalities, but increased attention on cultural fit means certain traits are more relevant, and you don’t always know which ones will be desirable. This means candidates will need to be more forward when it comes to showing their personality, or they may risk being passed over.

While certain characteristics are always desirable in the eyes of employers, like leadership qualities and a positive attitude, it can be hard to determine what else the hiring manager is hoping to find. However, since job seekers should look for an environment that also meets their needs, don’t disguise who you really are as a professional.

Additionally, displaying your personality can take additional effort, as you can only do so much when it comes to showcasing your traits on a resume. But cover letters and certain follow-up communications can be ideal for showing off specific characteristics, so use them wisely to help set yourself apart.

Social Media Remains Vital

Screening candidates through social media is becoming increasingly common, especially since it can be a source of information regarding your personality and often holds details that won’t fit on a traditional resume. This means it is crucial you get your profiles in order, and set personal pages to private if you don’t want them reviewed.

Typically, Facebook and LinkedIn will be the first destination for hiring managers, so review your profiles and make adjustments as necessary.

Resumes Prepared by Professionals

A poor-quality resume can spell doom when you are looking for a job, so many candidates are turning to professional resume writers to ensure these critical documents are perfect. Spelling and grammar mistakes can lead your application to be immediately discarded while failing to target the content decreases the likelihood that you’ll catch the hiring manager’s attention.

Sometimes, it is challenging to review a resume you created as it is easier to gloss over mistakes. Resume services are more likely to spot errors and are also up to date on the latest trends. By using a professional resume writer, you can ensure your application is in top form before it is submitted, making it easier to stand out for all of the right reasons and not for the wrong ones.


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