When it comes time to start an interview, many job seekers aren’t sure how much of their personalities they should share. While the process is somewhat formal by nature, it is still important to make sure you don’t hold everything back, particularly since determining whether you and the workplace are a cultural fit is crucial.

However, you don’t necessarily want to go too far either, as this is still a place of business and certain aspects of your casual style may not be appropriate in the workplace. Striking a balance between being reserved and overdoing it can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you handle it properly.

Make Sure You Are Prepared

When you are adequately prepared for an interview, it is much easier to remain calm as you meet with the hiring manager. This ensures your nerves don’t overtake the discussion, leading you to say or do things you wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

To get ready for the interview, make sure to rehearse answers to common interview questions and review details about the company and role. Then, practice some relaxation techniques before meeting with the hiring manager to help you stay collected.

Be Mindful of Your Attire

Clothing choices often reflect aspects of our personalities, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when selecting interview attire. Ultimately, you want to make a positive impression, so erring on the side of conservative is wise. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be bland, just that you also don’t want to be too bold. You can provide indications of your personality when selecting an outfit, such as by adding an accessory in your favorite color, as long as you don’t allow the statement to overpower your professionalism.

Avoid Forced Jokes

While having a sense of humor during an interview can play to your advantage, trying to thrust jokes on the hiring manager can quickly backfire, particularly if their content isn’t workplace appropriate.

If something humorous happens during the meeting or a relevant response to an interview question involves incidentally something funny, don’t be afraid to laugh a little. But, avoid turning your interview into a standup comedy performance.

Use Examples in Your Responses

One of the most natural ways to share your personality during an interview is through the examples you provide when answering questions. Often, these story-based responses give key insights into how you think and act on the job, providing the hiring manager with a clearer picture of your personality without it being forced. Plus, since the responses are based on work-related events, it ensures the proper parts of your character are on display.

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