For many college students, this month is an exciting time. Not only is graduation approaching, it also signals the point where many freshly minted graduates enter the workforce in their chosen fields.

But, for some, preparing for a job hunt is foreign territory. Even if they’ve worked a variety of part-time positions or secured internships, there are certain parts of professional-level job searches that are going to feel very different from their previous experiences.

If you are graduating this month and want to start your job hunt with a bang, here are three tips to help you prepare.

  1. Research Target Positions

A degree can open a lot of doors, but that doesn’t mean you want to head through all of them. Instead of applying to every vacancy for which you qualify, narrow down your targets by researching the kind of career you want to have and what roles will help you get there.

Identify opportunities that require your degree and the future outlook for these roles. Determine if there are specific industries or companies you want to pursue and what skills are needed for various jobs. Dig in to find starting salary information, giving you an idea of what you could earn in each position.

By doing your research, you can determine which positions hold the most opportunity and best align with your short- and long-term goals, allowing you to make smarter choices during your job hunt.

  1. Be Realistic

Earning a degree definitely gives you access to more opportunities, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll land a large starting salary or will be able to bypass an entry-level position. While becoming successful as a professional is certainly possible, it takes time to establish yourself and rise through the ranks.

Understand that, while you’ve acquired heaps of knowledge and a range of useful skills, employers are going to notice you don’t have experience in the field. Try to view your qualifications through the eyes of a hiring manager. This allows you to understand their perspective, making it easier to ensure your expectations about your first post-college job search are realistic.

  1. Set Job Search Goals

As a recent grad, you’re likely all too familiar with deadlines and having to manage your time. Luckily, that experience can help you handle your job search effectively, but only if you set appropriate job search goals.

Ideally, you want to identify daily goals that help you make progress in three categories: finding resources, making contacts and networking face-to-face. How many you set as your objective may vary, but try to be aggressive when you set goals and keep track of your progress as a way to help push you forward.

Ultimately, being a new college graduate is an exciting time, but so is landing your first job. By following the tips above, you can make sure your job hunt starts off with a bang, giving you a chance to find your ideal position once you have your diploma in hand.

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