Hiring managers are tasked with one of the most important duties in the company: Selecting the right person for the job. To make things even more complex, you typically only have a limited number of interactions to determine which candidate is ideal for the role.

Effective hiring managers often share a few characteristics that help them make these decisions quickly and correctly. If you are ready to increase your rate of success, here are four traits that can make you a more effective hiring manager.

  1. Embrace Collaboration

Typically, hiring managers aren’t the only individuals involved in the process. More often, a range of professionals, including recruiters and even team members, have a stake in the outcome, and collaborating with them can yield better results.

Before the recruiter lists a vacancy, make sure they are fully aware of the skills and experiences that are vital to success in the role. You can also speak with your staff to identify any existing skill gaps or areas where they are understaffed, ensuring the candidates that move forward can improve the quality of the group.

  1. Move Quickly

When you have top talent in your midst, don’t hesitate to move the process forward. Start by establishing a line of communication with the candidate, and work to advance the remainder of the screening process.

A highly desirable job seeker may have other opportunities they are considering, so a delay in your process means you could miss out on the ideal worker. But, by pushing forward quickly (without sacrificing any of the required screening), you can increase the odds that they will be available when you extend an offer.

  1. Plan for the Future

While your primary goal is to find a person to fill a specific role, also consider how that candidate may fit into your long-term plans. Most jobs aren’t stagnant. Instead, they grow, shift, or change based on advancing technology, adjustments in the industry, or as objectives are met. If you have an idea of where the company is going, make sure the selected candidate fits into that picture, as well as the current one.

  1. Sell the Company

Most interviews are focused on the candidate displaying their value to the hiring manager. But, it is also your responsibility to sell them on the company. Today’s labor market is fairly tight, so talented job seekers typically have options when it comes to securing employment. If you don’t promote your business as a desirable place to work, they may forgo an offer with you in favor of a company that better positioned itself in their eyes.

Generally, you need to share what makes your business stand out from the competition, predominately by extolling your organization’s virtues. However, be careful about badmouthing competitors. Just as hearing a candidate speak poorly of their former employers can harm your perception of them, they’ll feel the same way if you unnecessarily bash a competitor.

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