By making safety a company priority, you can prevent injuries and illnesses, enhance morale, and even improve productivity. While large-scale safety training and robust policies play a substantial role, ingraining safety tips into your workplace culture can help reinforce the concepts on a regular basis.

This approach ensures safety is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, while simultaneously providing helpful information on a regular basis. If you want to know how to get started, here are some tips for ingraining safety tips into your workplace.

Think Mentoring, Not Instruction

While safety training is a vital part of any workplace, safety mentoring can actually be more effective over the long-term. Make sure your leaders have strong safety leadership skills by providing them access to the right resources, and then have them step into the role of mentor.

Have them conduct periodic assessments and provide personalized guidance based on what each individual employee needs. That way, everyone gets the precise kind of help they need in a positive way.

Make Inspections a Team Activity

In industrial environments, machine maintenance is critical for safety. However, not all employees know how to determine if necessary maintenance has been performed or if there are issues with each piece of equipment.

Instead of leaving inspection duties in the hands of a select few individuals, make sure every team member knows how to perform a quick inspection before they start using a piece of equipment. Show them common issues or signs of a potential problem, giving them a solid foundation of knowledge to manage their own safety.

Additionally, make sure they know what to do if they spot a potential problem. Create a simple procedure that outlines any required steps, including whether the machine needs to be marked as possibly hazardous and who they need to contact. That way, if they identify a risk, they know exactly what to do.

Share Information Often

One method for introducing safety tips on a regular basis is to share one at the beginning of every team gathering or meeting. If you want to increase engagement, you can even have employees provide tips, giving them a chance to take part.

You also want to make sure important safety resources are easily accessible. This can include keeping information next to equipment, displaying posters in common areas, or even providing workers with smartphone apps filled with safety information.

Add Recognition

Acknowledging safe workers can help make safety a part of your overall culture. This can include everything from a simple “thank you” to a small bonus.

Don’t focus all of the recognition purely on those who perform their job safely. Also look at employees who reported potential hazards, giving your company the ability to address them before anyone was harmed.

By following the tips above, you can make safety a part of your workplace culture, ensuring everyone sees it as a priority day in and day out.

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