When you want to increase or maintain your team’s current level of productivity, engagement is often the key to success. But, now that summer is in full swing, some of your staff may be distracted by upcoming vacations or the simple desire to spend time out in the sun.

Luckily, there are summer team-building activities that can get your employees energized, leaving them motivated and ready to take on their workloads. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few that you can start using today.


A fun exercise that can promote focus, concentration requires your team to split into two lines, with each person having a partner. After giving line one a few minutes to assess line two’s outfits, memorizing details of the other person’s appearance, line one has to turn around.

Then, line two makes 10 changes to their look, such as by adding or removing a jacket, switching their jewelry to another hand, or removing their glasses.

Finally, line one turns back around and has to find the 10 changes. After line one finishes, the groups switch, letting everyone take part in the fun.

Beach Ball Toss

If you want an outdoor activity, letting everyone enjoy some time in the sunshine, consider beach ball toss. All you need is a beach ball and a marker.

Write different questions on each section of the beach ball that can help your staff get to know one another. The questions can be about personal preferences, like “What is your favorite meal to have for dinner?” or even work-related, such as “What is your primary career goal?”

Have your team stand in a circle and begin tossing the ball. As each person catches the ball, having them introduce themselves and answer the question based on where the pinky on their right hand lands.

Alternatively, you can have a list of questions and whoever catches the ball must answer the next one on the list.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper is a great game to help build communication skills and promote creative thinking. It only requires a marker and enough sheets of paper for each employee to have one. However, it does make an even number of participants a necessity.

Begin by thinking of word pairs, like “salt and pepper” or “fork and spoon.” Right one word on a sheet of paper and its pair on another. Create enough pairs that each employee will receive a completely different word on their paper, but make sure they don’t see their own word.

As your workers prepare to play, tape one of the sheets of paper to their back so that everyone else can read their word but they can’t see it. Then, have your staff mingle and ask each other yes or no questions that help them identify their word.

Once they learn their word, they need to find the person who completes their word pair.

All of the games above your ideal for summer and are fairly easy to play. Consider squeezing one into your next meeting, giving your employees a little bit of fun to help boost morale.

Need help giving your team a boost?

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