Staffing agencies have become a popular method for securing top talent quickly and efficiently. However, there are still a lot of myths that surround recruitment firms, even as more companies use them to manage their hiring needs.

Whether you have partnered with a staffing agency in the past or are considering it for the first time, here are three common myths about recruitment firms, debunked.

  1. Staffing Agencies Only Provide Temps

While many of these organizations do manage temporary positions, that isn’t the only kind of hiring a staffing firm handles. For example, temp-to-perm arrangements are a popular hiring option, allowing companies to bring in a worker on a short-term basis to assess whether they are a good fit for a permanent role, similar to a working interview.

If it’s a good match, then the business can hire the individual, allowing them to become a part of their permanent team. If not, they can release them from their assignment and pursue another candidate using the same arrangement.

Often, recruitment firms can also provide “direct hire” options. This means the staffing agency assists with the recruitment and screening of candidates, but the company hires the person on permanently right after they make a selection.

  1. Employment Agencies Don’t Understand My Industry

Often, staffing agencies work with a diverse set of companies across a range of industries and sectors. Plus, they have experience recruiting professionals from nearly every field, so their experience is vast.

When you partner with a reputable recruitment firm, they understand that every business is unique and will work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences right from the beginning. Even if they haven’t filled a vacancy in your industry before, their experience makes them adept at adjusting to your requirements.

  1. Their Services are Expensive

While employers do have to pay for recruitment and staffing services through agencies, the cost is often lower than you think. Plus, they alleviate you from having to manage many of the burdens associated with hiring, some of which are financial.

Staffing agencies can handle multiple phases of the hiring process, including recruitment and screening. This means you can focus on your core business while knowing your vacancies are being managed by skilled professionals.

When you add up the costs of your own hiring process, including time and money spent on advertising and screening as well as lost productivity in core business areas, you will often discover that working with a staffing firm is a cost-effective option. Plus, you gain access to genuine hiring experts with existing connections in the community, so they may be able to fill your positions with top talent faster than would otherwise be possible.

Work with a staffing agency, today!

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