From time to time, nearly every professional feels bored at work. Maybe you have to take a deep dive into an area that doesn’t pique your interest or have to manage tasks that are somewhat tedious.

While occasional boredom isn’t anything to be worried about, constantly feeling uninspired and unmotivated is a surefire sign that something isn’t right. It could indicate your work is no longer challenging, you’ve fallen into a rut, or there are no opportunities to advance or take on new duties.

Regardless of the situation, always being bored at work could be a signal that its time for a career change. However, before you make the leap, it’s important to figure out why you are bored, giving you a chance to take a path that will ultimately lead to increased job satisfaction.

Are Your Current Duties to Blame?

Sometimes, if you’ve been in a job for a while, the activities that were once new and exciting have become commonplace, making them less engaging. While not every task can be as exciting as embracing a new project, if everything you do feels like a trip to dullsville, then your current set of responsibilities could be to blame.

If you are still enticed by your profession, but find your current duties to be a bore, then finding a position with another company may be just what you need to reignite your passion. Similarly, if you aren’t motivated by your tasks due to your high level of experience with them, seeking out an internal or external promotional opportunity may be the best move.

You can also talk with your current manager to see if there are any upcoming projects you could take on, giving you a chance to relieve your boredom without making a switch. However, if nothing is available (and won’t be in the near future), you may have to leave to get reinvigorated.

Does the Field Leave You Uninspired?

At times, it isn’t just your duties that leave you wanting; it’s the entire field. Many professionals burn out after working in a specific industry or along a particular career path for years, and even the idea of finding a new employer isn’t enough to make the field seem attractive.

If you think you need a complete career change to get re-inspired, you need to consider what line of work is attractive to you. Then, review your skills to see which are transferable and identify mechanisms that can help you acquire the ones you lack.

It may mean starting at the bottom of a new career ladder, depending on the field you are targeting, but it can be worth exploring if you are no longer interested in your line of work. If you aren’t sure which field is right for you, consider volunteering with different organizations in your off-hours or take an evening class that lets you explore new options. This may give you the information you need to select a new direction, ensuring you make a career change that is genuinely right for you.

Ready for a new job?

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