In today’s tight labor market, companies continually have to stay one step ahead of the competition. While many businesses focus on salary to assist with their retention goals, neglecting the benefits package can be detrimental.

The majority of highly skilled professionals have expectations regarding their total compensation package. Without benefits that can actually keep them happy, they may seek out new opportunities even if they are otherwise satisfied with the role.

If you want to make sure your benefits package is more than meeting their needs, here are a few options that may be worth offering.

Personal Development Opportunities

Most managers understand that employees value professional development opportunities. Anything from formal training to mentorship programs are beneficial and can entice your staff into staying long term.

However, don’t automatically draw the line at professional development. Adding personal development options can be an ideal way to stand out from your competitors, so don’t shy away from branching out into that area as well.

For example, provide your team with access to coaching that can assist them in meeting their personal goals, or offer classes in areas like personal finance and stress management to give them additional value.

Paid Family Time Off

In the majority of workplaces, vacation and sick leave are the primary forms of paid time off available. However, many professionals also have family obligations that may require time away from the office, and using vacation time to manage these events can often be tough to swallow.

If you want to show your staff you are a family-friendly employer, consider offering blocks of hours specifically for family events or other issues. That way, your best and brightest won’t have to sacrifice their family in the name of work, and they’ll also see you care.

Provide Identity Theft Protection

A single incident of identity theft can derail a person’s life for weeks, months or even years on end. By offering identity theft protection services as a benefit, which is typically inexpensive on a large scale, you can provide your employees with a powerful ally should the worst occur.

Identify theft protection services can provide your staff with a substantial amount of peace of mind, and it isn’t a benefit offered by many employers.

Paid Volunteering Days

Many professionals hold at least one cause dear to their hearts, but they may not have time to support organizations that help in those areas. By offering paid volunteering days, you encourage your staff to support their local community. Not only does this provide them with value, it also reflects well on the business, making it a win-win scenario.

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Ultimately, all the benefits above can be great additions to any compensation package, and most of them are relatively easy to implement. If you would like to learn more about how you can craft an enticing benefits package, the professionals at PrideStaff can help. Contact us to discuss your company’s needs today and see how our workplace expertise can benefit you.

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