As the holidays draw near, many companies are bolstering their workforces with seasonal hires. Even though seasonal needs happen on a regular schedule, and many businesses have hired short-term staff members before, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve on the current process.

If you want to make sure your seasonal hiring goes smoothly, here are five tips that can help.

  1. Start Earlier Than Usual

Usually, seasonal needs don’t just impact a single company. Instead, entire industries need to supplement their workforce, increasing the level of competition for temporary top talent.

However, if you start your seasonal hiring process earlier than other companies, you can begin crafting a robust pipeline and secure the best and brightest before other organizations even start their hiring process.

  1. Focus on Efficiency

When you are hiring seasonal workers, having an efficient process is essential. Often, individuals interested in short-term work aren’t going to stick around if your hiring process is too long or cumbersome, so streamlining your approach is critical for these vacancies.

  1. Invest in Onboarding

Without proper onboarding, your seasonal staff isn’t going to reach the point of full productivity as quickly. When you offer this initial training at the beginning, you ensure they have the tools and knowledge they need to thrive, making it a worthwhile investment from both a time and money perspective.

Make sure any expectations you may have regarding their performance are clear from the beginning and discuss the company’s goals for the season. Make sure they understand the existing workflows and are fully aware of any safety or compliance issues that are relevant in their role. Go over details about your products and services, so your short-term staff is well informed; then make sure they know exactly where they can go if they have questions along the way.

By taking the time to onboard, your seasonal employees will integrate into your workplace faster, and will likely be happier than if you skipped this vital step.

  1. Think Long-Term Potential

When you are selecting seasonal staff members, always keep the long term in mind. Often, you’ll have permanent positions available at the end of the season, so hiring job seekers who have the potential to fill those roles now can save you a significant amount of time down the road.

Even if that doesn’t occur, by having a long-term mindset, you may find candidates you would love to see during the next busy season. Consider implementing a “same time, next year” policy that would give these workers preference down the road as this may entice them to consider you first should they need a seasonal position again.

  1. Partner With a Staffing Firm

Managing your own seasonal hiring can be incredibly challenging, especially since you and your existing team’s workloads are also increasing. By partnering with a staffing firm, you not only gain access to their hiring expertise, but also to an ideal solution for managing the administrative side of having a short-term workforce.

Need help hiring?

Ultimately, by following the tips above, you can experience greater seasonal hiring success. If you are looking for exceptional seasonal hires, the professionals at PrideStaff can connect you with some of the area’s leading talent. Contact us to discuss your seasonal and long-term hiring needs today and see how our customizable services can benefit you.

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