With the winter holidays approaching, most employees are planning to take time off from work. However, juggling the requests and maintaining suitable coverage amounts can be challenging, especially for popular days, like Christmas Eve, where numerous workers would likely rather be home.

To prevent any issues this holiday season, here are some tips for scheduling your staff during this busy time of year.

Have a Vacation Policy

Your first step is to have clear policies that dictate when vacation requests are due and who gets priority. Since many employees may want the same days off, you need a cut-off time for all requests, ensuring you have time to review them and make decisions. Additionally, you need to determine whether workers with seniority get the first choice of days off or if you want to use a “first come, first serve” approach.

By creating a formal policy regarding vacation requests, you have a set process that can make holiday scheduling easier. This allows you to plan in advance and make decisions in accordance with official stances, ensuring everyone understands the rules from the beginning.

Embrace Telecommuting

If much of your office team could accomplish their tasks from home, offering telecommuting options can provide your staff with increased flexibility during the holidays. It eliminates the need to commute and can make partial workdays easier to manage. Plus, if some of their duties could be performed any time, day or night, you can go a step further and support flexible scheduling too, allowing your core teams to remain productive in a way that works with their unique schedules.

Keep a Contingent Worker Pool

Sometimes, the easiest way to handle holiday scheduling is to have a pool of contingent workers who can step in to cover vacations. This ensures you aren’t shorthanded while also allowing your employees to spend time with their friends and family during the holidays.

Today, you can find short-term employees with a wide range of skill sets. Whether you use them to handle everyday tasks, freeing up your permanent staff to focus on duties that require their company knowledge or experience, or opt for highly skilled professionals who can cover all of an employee’s duties, you can make sure you have the coverage you need at all times.

Ultimately, by using the tips above, you can relieve the stress surrounding holiday vacation requests and maintaining proper coverage levels, ensuring the business can run smoothly while employees spend time with their friends and family.

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