Sometimes, a unique opportunity has more potential than originally appears on the surface. Maybe you took on a work project and enjoyed it so much you wish you could focus on it every day. Maybe you spent some time volunteering or in a short-term job and acquired a new skill or had an experience that ignites your passion.

Regardless of the source, figuring out how to turn an opportunity into a viable career can seem daunting. Luckily, it is entirely possible if you take the right steps. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Put on Your Research Hat

First and foremost, you need to determine how viable your new potential career is and what it takes to make the leap. For example, do some research into whether that particular skill or service is in demand, as well as whether you need specialized training or certifications to enter the field formally.

The idea is to learn whether landing a new job in the field will be a challenge and how much you can potentially earn. That way, you can make sure it is a financially wise move or if other preparations are necessary before you take the leap.

  1. Make an Action Plan

Once you finish your research, you should know whether you need to take additional steps before you turn the opportunity into a career. This can include anything from furthering your education to revamping your resume, depending on where you are starting.

However, it’s always wise to make a formal action plan before you begin. List every to-do that has to be completed before you can start down the path, so you can track what you’ve done and what is left on your journey toward your new career.

  1. Be Flexible

Any time you venture into something new, hiccups are going to occur. Often, this is because you are learning about your new potential career as you go, and additional information may highlight to-dos you need to add to your list, other steps you need to take or questions you need to be answered.

If you need to update your plan along the way, then adjust it as required. Your original action plan is never set in stone, so take any incoming advice or emerging details and remain flexible at all times.

  1. Take Small Steps Every Day

At times, heading off in a new direction is daunting because of the length of the journey. However, if you take at least one small step forward every day, you’ll be surprised at how quickly progress can be made.

Essentially, this approach ensures you remain proactive and focused without becoming overwhelmed. Ultimately, it also helps guarantee your journey is always headed in the right direction, giving you the ability to reach your goal in the end.

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