When you need to find a new job, networking might be your key to success. However, that doesn’t mean you should stay chained to your computer or smartphone. In fact, networking locally can be incredibly effective, particularly if you want to make connections in the city of Atlanta.

Many professionals find the idea of in-person networking daunting, especially those who identify as introverts. Luckily, there are some techniques that can make it less intimidating, as well as a few groups that will make everyone feel welcome.

How to Leverage Local Networking Groups

When you network, the goal is usually to learn about exciting positions with leading companies. Additionally, professionals commonly strive to forge a connection with hiring managers and key personnel, as having a positive relationship with a current manager or employee may increase your odds of getting recruited.

However, if you walk into a networking event with only the thought of landing a job on your mind, you probably aren’t going to be successful. When you meet someone new, they probably don’t want to be immediately faced with a request about helping you find work. In fact, they might not even be interested in the fact that you’re looking.

Successful networking isn’t about what people can do for you; it’s about relationships. If you want to forge a meaningful connection, you need to worry about what you can give, not what you can get. When you help others, the level of trust rises, so it is a valuable step in the equation.

Once you offer someone assistance in a genuine way and follow through on any commitment, beginning to explore how they can help you land a job becomes more appropriate. But don’t be afraid to participate in a longer dialog, as people are more willing to lend a hand to individuals they like and respect.

However, there are instances that serve as exceptions to those rules. Some networking events are job-seeker focused, so the hosts are more than happy to discuss your employment goals right from the beginning. Their goal is to help people find their ideal role, so the concept behind the events support being more forward about your wishes.

Atlanta-Based Job Search Networking Groups to Explore

If you are looking for networking groups in Atlanta, there are multiple options, including a few that are job-search focused. Consider heading to the twice-monthly RUMC Job Networking event. The group gathers the second and fourth Monday of each month, except for certain major holidays.

C3G also provides support to job seekers through the organization’s networking events. The meetings occur every Monday morning, aside from certain holidays.

In either case, the groups above can provide you with guidance and help while you look for new opportunities. Plus, you’ll get to meet tons of other community members, all in an environment that is welcoming and open.

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