When you need to find a new job, you have options for managing your search. Often, professionals begin by seeking out opportunities on their own, but that process can be cumbersome, particularly for job seekers who are already employed.

Luckily, there is a better way. By working with a local staffing agency in Atlanta, you can accelerate your search and find options that best align with your skills, experiences, goals and priorities. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Professional Expertise

Recruitment firms are staffed by experts. Not only are these professionals well aware of what hiring managers are looking for, they also know about emerging trends and the newest standards in key areas like resume creation, interviewing and more.

Additionally, staffing agency employees have a substantial amount of experience in the job search arena. They know where to look to find opportunities, including niche resources that align with specific industries or even individual companies.

When you work with a staffing agency, you gain access to their professional expertise, making your job search more powerful and efficient.

  1. Area Knowledge

By and large, there are two kinds of staffing firms: local and national. While national recruitment agencies may tout their nationwide connections, that doesn’t benefit you if they don’t understand the nuances of your city.

When you work with a local staffing firm in Atlanta, the recruiters have their fingers on the city’s pulse. They understand the idiosyncrasies of each neighborhood, the details of what the companies have to offer, and even the length of your possible future commute. Further, they may know about businesses coming to the city before many other residents, including hiring managers in charge of staffing the organization.

  1. Community Connections

Local staffing firms are part of your community. They have relationships with area businesses, attend networking events to find out about new companies, and strive to become assets in the city of Atlanta. Plus, they understand their contributions impact their reputation, so they may even work harder than some national recruitment agencies that don’t have to face the local community.

Additionally, since they network in the area, they may learn about opportunities that other recruitment firms won’t uncover. Their connection with area leaders and hiring managers may be more meaningful, especially if they see each other regularly.

Finally, local staffing firms are going to build that level of connection with you. You’ll have a chance to sit down in person, discuss your goals and preferences face to face, and have a level of interaction that can’t occur over the phone or online. This may lead to better job matches, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your job search.

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