When you head out on a temporary assignment, you are entering an unfamiliar environment. As a result, you typically won’t know about potential hazards, especially if you will be working in an industry or role that is new to you.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure you are safe on your next temp assignment. Here’s what you need to know.

Pay Attention During Orientation

Many companies provide temp workers with an initial orientation, especially if there are some hazards that come with the worksite. While these onboarding meetings aren’t always engaging, it is critical you pay attention. Otherwise, you may miss out on information that can help you remain safe on the job.

Similarly, if you are given a handbook that covers safety-related topics, make sure to review it carefully. Look for policies and procedures that are designed to make the workplace safer, and read them more than once to make sure they stick.

Ask Your Manager

If you have questions or if there wasn’t a formal onboarding process, then approaching your manager can be a smart move. Ask them if there are any safety issues or standard procedures you need to be aware of related to potential hazards, such as equipment that is available to workers.

Additionally, as you perform your duties, don’t be afraid to reach out if you have a question. Your direct supervisor wants you to be safe, so they will provide you with any additional information you need or will point you to the right resource.

Many bosses appreciate knowing their employees are safety-oriented, including those who are there on a temporary assignment. That means you won’t be seen as a nuisance just because you asked for guidance. If a supervisor reacts negatively to your safety questions or concerns, it’s time to give your staffing agency a call.  As long as you aren’t asking the same question repeatedly, you are just being diligent, which is actually a good thing.

Remain Vigilant

One of the trickiest parts about staying safe on the job is you do not have full control over your environment. After all, you aren’t a one-person show. Instead, you are working with a team, and they are part of a larger company, so there are plenty of other people influencing the workplace.

Stay vigilant while you are on assignment. If you leave your work area, when you return, scan it for hazards before you resume your duties. That way, if someone else altered something about the space, you are more likely to notice.

Similarly, keep an eye on your immediate area at all times. Be aware of the movements of other people and equipment, ensuring you are aware of situations as they change. Also, listen for any sounds that may indicate a potential hazard, including noise from people, equipment or vehicles.

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By following the tips above, you can remain safe while on your temp assignment. If you would like to learn more, the skilled professionals at PrideStaff can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today and see how our workplace safety expertise can benefit you.

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