When you need to fill a vacant position, it isn’t uncommon to encounter a tricky dilemma. Usually, it feels like you have to choose between hiring for quality or hiring fast. Holding out for the right candidate may mean you get a better fit. However, if you don’t find the ideal professional quickly, your company may suffer from a productivity standpoint.

Understanding the pros and cons of each approach is essential. Not only will this let you determine what may be right for your company, it also creates an opportunity to strike an ideal balance between the two options, giving you a chance to get the best of both worlds.

Hiring for Quality

When you make hiring the right candidate the priority, even if it leads to a longer search, you are focusing on fit. Hiring a top-tier job seeker means they may be more capable of handling the requirements of the role, fitting into your work environment and culture, and have an increased likelihood of reaching full productivity quickly.

At times, this approach is necessary. If you need a hard-to-find skill set, you may not have any choice but to oversee a longer search to find the right professional. However, if you don’t limit your search based on your genuine needs (factoring out nice-to-haves), then you could be prolonging a search unnecessarily.

Hiring for Speed

Being short-staffed is stressful. Your existing team members may be overtasked and at risk of burning out. Additionally, there may not be enough hands on deck to actually meet productivity minimums, making hiring quickly more of a necessity.

However, hiring for speed comes with risk. You may end up with a subpar candidate who isn’t actually well equipped to handle the job. If your new hire doesn’t measure up, you may be stuck returning to the recruitment and hiring process faster than you intended, finding yourself short-handed again while you try to snag another candidate who might be a better fit.

Finding Balance

While you might not be able to find the perfect candidate as fast as you’d like, you can adjust your approach to get the best of both worlds. Begin by examining the position closely and determining what skills and experiences are actually needed and not just wanted.

Next, consider if you would be willing to train a job seeker who has a ton of potential. At times, finding a candidate who learns quickly and is enthusiastic about the role is a great alternative approach. You can then mold them into your ideal employee, allowing you to get exactly what you need and want in a timely fashion.

Finally, consider enlisting the help of recruitment professionals to expedite your search. By partnering with a skilled staffing firm, you gain an ally in the hiring process and can benefit from their experience and dedication. This can not only speed up your hiring process, but also improve the quality of the candidates you can access, giving you the benefit of speed and fit together.


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