When you are looking for a new job, partnering with a staffing agency can be a smart move. However, not all recruitment firms are created equal, and choosing the wrong one can cost you.

Luckily, evaluating a staffing agency before you begin working together doesn’t have to be challenging. If you want to make sure you partner with the right one, here are some things to seek out.

1. Free for Candidates

Job seekers should never have to pay a fee to work with a recruitment firm. Usually, staffing agencies are compensated by the companies they work with when they find a suitable job seeker to fill a vacant position.

If you are faced with a contract that requires you to pay the staffing agency, look elsewhere. Even if they try to claim their services are better, that is rarely the case. Instead, find a recruitment firm that is free for you to use.

2. Well-Informed

When you meet with a recruiter, they should come across as knowledgeable about both the recruitment process and your industry. If they are vague about how the hiring process works or don’t seem informed about your line of work to a reasonable degree, that’s a bad sign.

A skilled recruiter works diligently to remain up to speed regarding various industry trends and local opportunities. Additionally, they will be able to clearly explain the placement process, including what you should expect during the experience.

3. Dedicated to the Truth

While a skilled recruiter will make sure you present yourself in the best light on your resume and during interviews, if anyone tries to tell you that lying about your capabilities is okay, that’s a major red flag. It suggests the recruitment firm might not be very ethical or are trying to place job seekers in roles that aren’t a great fit just so their client companies will pay them, neither of which is good. Plus, if they want you to lie, then you have to wonder if they are representing their available positions accurately, and that should scare you away too.

A great recruiter will be dedicated to the truth. They will want you to accurately reflect what you have to offer and will tell you what to expect from any position, ensuring it is a proper fit for everyone involved.

4. No Pressure

If a recruiter keeps pushing you toward a particular job that doesn’t meet your needs or align with your interests, that’s a bad sign. Usually, it means they are prioritizing something other than finding you a good fit, typically a higher commission.

Reputable staffing agencies want you to be as happy as the company. They are going to make your priorities their priorities, keeping your best interest in mind at all times and respecting your decision if you decline a job.

5. Respectful With Your References

Many staffing agencies will contact your employment references as part of the screening process. Usually, they ask the same questions a hiring manager would. However, if they try to convert the call into a new business lead for themselves, you might want to find another recruiter.

If a recruiter tries to turn your reference into a new business contact in a salesy or aggressive manner, they may be more concerned about expanding their client base than helping you find a suitable role. A great recruiter will never do that, as you are their priority when checking references, not sales.

If You’d Like to Learn More, Contact PrideStaff for Help

By following the tips above, you can find the right staffing agency for your needs. If you are looking for a leading recruitment firm, the team at PrideStaff wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our hiring services and see how we can help you find your ideal job quickly and efficiently.

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