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There are many myths surrounding working with a staffing agency. While many of the misconceptions apply to job seekers, some of the falsehoods relate to client companies as well, causing businesses to be hesitant about partnering with a recruitment firm.

Understanding the nature of the myths and the actual truth of the situation can make companies more confident about their decision to work with a staffing agency for their hiring needs. With that in mind, here are some common misconceptions and an overview of why they are inaccurate.

Myth 1: Staffing Agencies Only Help With Temp Hiring

Many companies believe that a recruitment firm only manages short-term hiring needs. Usually, this is based on the classic concept of the “temp agency,” which has remained in the minds of many even as the industry changed.

In reality, staffing agencies can assist with a wide variety of hiring needs. While they can certainly be used for temporary positions, they can also help with finding skilled candidates for permanent positions as well.

Additionally, they offer a unique service that many companies would appreciate. With a temp-to-hire or contract-to-hire arrangement, businesses can essentially try out candidates before making a formal job offer for a permanent position. Initially, the job seeker works for the company but stays on the staffing agency’s payroll. Then, if the hiring manager decides the candidate is a good fit, the worker can transition into a permanent role, leaving the recruitment firm’s payroll and becoming an employee of the company.

Myth 2: Staffing Agencies Only Fill Labor or Entry-Level Admin Jobs

While industrial and entry-level administrative positions can certainly be filled using a staffing agency, recruitment firms can also find candidates for nearly any other kind of role. Many match job seekers with highly technical roles that require substantial amounts of experience and education, as well as well-developed skill sets. Recruitment firms even assist with management-level hiring, relying on their recruitment and screening expertise to find candidates for managerial and leadership roles quickly and efficiently.

Myth 3: Staffing Agencies are More Expensive Than Hiring Myself

Some companies struggle with the idea of paying a staffing agency to handle their hiring, assuming that hiring on their own would be more cost-effective. However, many businesses overlook the total costs associated with recruitment, including money spent advertising job openings and time spent creating job posts and screening candidates.

Working with a recruitment firm doesn’t just save you money, it also allows you to spend your time on other priorities, including profit-driving tasks. In the end, most companies come out financially ahead by using this approach.

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Ultimately, working with a staffing agency can be a very smart move. If you’d like to know more about what a recruitment firm can do for your company, the team at PrideStaff wants to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your questions or concerns with one of our skilled staff members today and see how our comprehensive and affordable services can benefit you.

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