Over time, it’s common to become at least somewhat close with your coworkers. As the relationships strengthen, it may feel as if no topic of conversation is off-limits. However, in reality, you still need to consider proper workplace etiquette. 

Certain topics are usually very inappropriate in the workplace, or at least carry with them a level of risk that most wouldn’t want to shoulder. If you’re going to keep your conversations appropriate and professional, here are six subjects that are best avoided at work. 


Discussing your salary with your coworkers can have consequences. If you earn significantly more than your colleagues that work in similar roles, they may resent you or feel that you are bragging. If it turns out you make less, they might wonder about your capabilities. In the latter scenario, it can also impact your mental and emotional well-being, particularly if there aren’t options for requesting an increase. 

Financial Hardships

While you might feel close to your coworkers, discussing your financial hardships is often a bad idea. This isn’t usually the kind of information they need, so it is better to avoid the topic. Plus, there can be ramifications for bringing up the subject. For example, if they know that you are struggling, they may start to judge your spending choices, such as choosing to go out to lunch instead of bringing your own. 

Family Trouble

Trouble with your spouse, children, parents, or significant other typically shouldn’t be discussed at work. It puts your coworkers in an odd position, and many may be uncomfortable with the subject, especially if the problem is focused on a delicate personal matter. 


Regardless of how close you are with your colleagues, talking about your sex life (or asking about theirs) isn’t a good idea. Not only could you be sacrificing your privacy (or asking them to compromise theirs) but, if you make a colleague uncomfortable, you could be opening the door for sexual harassment allegations. 


Politics can be a risky topic to discuss. Often, people feel very strongly about their views, and they aren’t likely to be swayed by a conversation. As a result, it can lead to arguments. Even in the mildest of scenarios, it might alter how your coworkers see you if your viewpoint doesn’t align with theirs, and that could harm your career. 


Religion is a sensitive topic. Many people feel strongly about their faith or spirituality, while others don’t hold those viewpoints at all. Talking about religion can lead to conflict or make people uncomfortable. As a result, it’s better to leave these kinds of discussions out of the workplace. 


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Ultimately, all of the topics above are best avoided when you are at work, as crossing into those territories could lead to conflict or might harm your career. If you’d like to learn more, the professionals at PrideStaff can help. Check out our jobs or contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today and see how our workplace etiquette expertise can benefit you. 


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