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Let’s face facts; life can be challenging. At times, your personal life may be difficult to manage. You could have a sick family member, an unexpected financial hardship, or another incident that leaves you anxious, sad, or distracted.  

However, if your personal life begins to affect your work life, you could be making a difficult situation worse. Personal challenges could harm your performance, reducing the quality of your work. Then, you may be faced with trouble on the home and work fronts.  

Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your personal life from impacting your professional one. Here are three tips that can help. 


Create Separation

In today’s digital world, separating your personal and professional life is increasingly challenging. However, if you are reviewing personal social media accounts, text messages, or emails during business hours, you’ll have more trouble focusing on your duties. Similarly, work-related notifications can make it harder to manage your home life, especially if you are having trouble outside of the workplace.  

While at work, turn off all notifications that aren’t necessary for your job. Then, when you head home, shut off the work-related ones. By creating separation, your attention isn’t divided. Plus, you won’t accidentally let how you feel about one situation influence the other, decreasing the chances that you’ll take out any bad feelings on someone or something that isn’t involved. 

Clue Your Boss In

If you know that a problem in your personal life is impacting your ability to focus or be at your best, it can be wise to proactively speak with your manager. Give them an overview of the situation and let them know various relevant details, such as what they can expect from you and how long the challenging period may last.  

By giving your boss insight into the basics, they can come up with a plan to support you while you work through the issue. Plus, they may be able to refer you to company resources, like Employee Assistance Programs, that could be beneficial.  

Just make sure you don’t overshare when you discuss the problem. For example, it is one thing to let your boss know that you are caring for a seriously ill parent, and it’s another to dive into the details of that parent’s medical condition. Similarly, going over the situation with every coworker usually isn’t the best idea, particularly since you may become the topic of office gossip, something that could make your stress levels harder to manage. 

Take Time Off

If an issue in your personal life is taking over every hour of your day, consider asking for some time off. This allows you to focus on the situation you need to resolve without it impacting your work, or at least gives a bit of a break from your professional obligations.  

Depending on the nature of the situation, this could involve the occasional full day off, several half-days, or even a week away from the workplace. Just make sure that your request is reasonable and in line with company policy. That way, you increase your odds of having your leave approved.  


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Ultimately, all of the tips above can help ensure that your personal life doesn’t harm your professional one. If you’d like to find out more, the skilled professionals at PrideStaff can help. Take a look at our open jobs or contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today and see how our expertise can benefit you. 





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