PrideStaff Atlanta (North), GA

Jonathan Stelling – Owner/Strategic-Partner

Jonathan StellingJonathan’s business background includes nearly 15 years in employer services and business-to-business services. Working in Fortune 500 firms, such as ADP and NCR, smaller technology firms and a venture-backed start-up, has prepared me for working with all types of clients in the staffing industry.

As a member of the marketing team at ADP, Jonathan worked closely with clients to measure the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their HR/payroll solutions and to determine how to enhance ADP’s products. Regular interaction with senior HR, payroll, finance and tax managers also gave me a strong appreciation of the budgetary, compliance, and talent challenges they face.

He also spent three years on the leadership team at a tax services start-up that served large retailers, telecommunications providers and manufacturers. Clients depended on us to deliver timely, accurate, quality tax services to keep them in compliance and off the radar screen of tax authorities. Our culture of employee ownership, integrity and trust was the key to consistently delivering on these expectations.

PrideStaff Atlanta (East), GA

Mike Pred – Owner/Strategic-Partner

Mike PredThroughout my career leading operations I was determined to create a positive work culture focused on improvements in safety and quality while building stronger, self-sustaining teams. I learned the importance of employing good people and often turned to staffing agencies to help keep production moving forward when I was shorthanded. I saw firsthand the important role that staffing plays in matching the right people to the right job.

This experience allows me to see staffing from our client’s perspective and to understand that for PrideStaff to be successful, we need to communicate to our clients and candidates the value-added service we bring to the table.

Secrets to Success: Acting with respect and integrity – always trying to do the right thing – is part of my DNA. My father owned retail stores when I was a boy and I saw firsthand the importance of hiring the right people, treating them with respect and expecting them to take ownership of their work and the business.

This early start, along with my career experience has given me the ability to understand the needs of an organization, provide solutions that create value and find and retain high-quality talent.