How to Manage Employee Conflict the Best Way Possible


Manage Employee Conflict the Best Way Possible

It seems as if every day in the news that there is another worker conflict resulting in injury or some other tragedy. These incidents are often stemming from minor infractions that continue to spiral out of control until someone loses it and violence ensues. All HR managers must learn how to deal with employee conflicts… Read more »

They May Be Leaving, But Your Employee’s Exit Interview Is Still Important


As a rule, it costs much more time and money to replace a lost employee than to hire for a new position. Therefore, it’s important for companies to conduct exit interviews with departing employees so that they can gather feedback at this critical time. Exit interviews are very useful because employees tend to be much… Read more »

Building a Successful Mentoring Program is More Imperative Than You Think


Finding a Career Mentor in Atlanta

Companies today need low-cost yet effective methods of developing the career paths of employees. While online training and classroom sessions can take care of some of the more technical aspects of employee work, mentoring is a time-tested solution for teaching a wide variety of soft skills. Therefore, it is imperative that your company begins or… Read more »

Why Happy Employees Equal More Company Profit


Importance of Happy Employees | Atlanta Jobs

Experts have long believed that employee happiness has a lot to do with the outcome of business profitability. It makes perfect sense. When an employee is happy, he or she is apt to be more engaged and energized about the work that they do. Happiness is a core component of being motivated. Building a workplace… Read more »

Developing Workforce Leadership Training for Your Team


Developing Workplace Leaders in Atlanta

It has been said that ‘leaders are not born; they are made’. This is especially true when companies invest time and money into developing their employees into future leaders. Human Resource managers can do their part by identifying the programs and training methods that can help employees build leadership skills. If you are either a… Read more »

How to Let Go of the Toxic Yet Highly Talented Employee


Firing Best Employees | Atlanta Management Tips

Hiring a highly talented employee seems like a dream come true, but when the employee comes with baggage such as toxic behavior, it an easily become a nightmare. Oftentimes, toxic employees do not show their true colors until months later on the job when they start to display unprofessional attitudes, negative behaviors, immaturity, divisiveness, and… Read more »

Set Extreme…but reachable…Goals for the remainder of 2016


Are you panicking because we are halfway through the year and you have not yet achieved any of your career or personal goals for 2016? Nearly everyone starts the New Year out strong with a set of well- intended resolutions and goals. But, by mid-spring these things are forgotten and pushed aside by life and… Read more »

Unhappy Workers Cost the US a TON of Money


Around the United States, unhappy workers are costing employers around $450 to 550 billion dollars each year – this is according to a Gallup report on the state of the American workforce. This is no laughing matter. US workers are growing increasingly disengaged from their employers, with some estimates around 70 percent of the workforce… Read more »

Are certain employees bringing down your entire team’s morale?


Is your team almost perfect, except for a lot of grumbling from a select few employees? You may not think it’s a problem, but low team morale can come with a hefty price tag for the business. It reduces the effectiveness of what should be a highly functioning team. Negative attitudes, poor attendance, and lack… Read more »

Managing a Workforce Amid Personal Crisis


Being a manager or a business owner certainly has its ups and downs. One never knows from one day to the next what to expect. However, most managers are resilient and get through tough situations on a regular basis. We have “thick skin” as the saying goes. But, just when you think you have it… Read more »